Employee Salaries

District Manager
Salary Range:   $59,000 – $69,000  (DOQ)

Administrative Assistant
Pay Range:   $17.61 – $20.91

Senior Groundskeeper
Pay Range:   $16.77 – $19.98

Pay Range:   $14.49 – $17.19

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Medical Benefits:
District-paid health insurance (employee only)
District-paid vision insurance (employee only)
District-paid dental insurance (employee only)

Classic CalPERS Members: 1st Tier   2.7%@55
Classic CalPERS Members: 2nd Tier:   2%@60
CalPERS PEPRA:                                 2%@62

Annual Leave:
By definition, annual leave encompasses sick leave, personal time, vacation time, etc.
Each employee is entitled to receive annual leave, after the probation period, based on years of employment and accrued as indicated below:

1 year:                4.31 hrs./ pay period
2-5 years:           5.85 hrs./ pay period
6-10 years:         7.39 hrs./ pay period
10+ years :         8.92 hrs./ pay period

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