Photo of inurnment niches for cremains in columbarium

The Murrieta Valley Cemetery District offers 3 interment options of cremains. We have standard in-ground interment spaces and inurnment niches in a columbarium as well as an ossuary. Please refer to ourĀ Price Sheet or contact the District office for more information.

Our in-ground interment allow up to 4 cremains and 2 headstones.

Our niche (above ground) inurnment allows placement of no more than 2 cremains. The niches are 12x12x14 and hold one large urn or two medium size urns. You do not have to have an urn to inter in a niche. The plastic container from the mortuary is acceptable.

The ossuary is a communal place to rest, allowing no disinterment.

Photo of The Ossuary near in-ground internment spaces and inurnment niches