A LANDMARK OF LOCAL HISTORY, WHERE DIGNITY IS NOT BOUND BY TIME Established in 1886, the Laurel Cemetery has served the community of Murrieta with empathy and dignity. About Services A PUBLIC FACILITY OFFERING AFFORDABLE & COMPASSIONATE BURIAL The Murrieta Valley Cemetery District preserves the heritage of the Laurel Cemetery and past generations while respecting the needs of present and future generations. History Services MAINTAINED TO REFLECT THE COMFORT OF OUR HISTORICAL SURROUNDINGS Whether you visit for a graveside service, or to spend time with a loved one at rest you will experience a well kept and peaceful environment. Contact Services

Welcome to Laurel Cemetery

Located at the western end of Ivy Street, the Laurel Cemetery was established in 1886. Comprised of 10 acres, the cemetery gained its name from the local wild mountain laurel bush.

Photo of main lawn with grave markers and crosses, with trees and hills in the background


Our burial search allows you to see exactly where the person is buried by typing their name. Click on name then locate button, this will direct you to where in the cemetery the person is at rest.


The mission of the Murrieta Valley Cemetery District is to serve the community of Murrieta by meeting its resident’s final needs with empathy and dignity.


Meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm in the District office. The next Special Board Meeting will be held May 23, 2023 at 2:00pm.